Subject: setting ethernet interface hardware address?
To: None <>
From: Alfred Perlstein <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/16/2001 17:57:08
Is it possible to set the link layer address on NICs in NetBSD?

Cursory examination of manpages/ifconfig/source doesn't seem
to indicate that this is possible right now in both 1.5.x and

If that's true:
1) is anyone currently working on it?
2) if the answer to question 1 is "no", would patches to support
   this be accepted?
3) if the answer to #2 is "yes", what's a good snap of i386-current
   to grab these days?  Is the HEAD reasonably stable?

thank you,
-Alfred Perlstein []
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start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'