Subject: DirecPC support?
To: , NetBSD Users <>
From: B. James Phillippe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/20/2001 23:56:34

I'm a newbie, please be kind. :-)  And, I'm a newbie who just had my
cable-modem Internet access rudely crimped* by ATT @Home (West coast, USA),
so my email is down as well - please respond to
- it's the only way I can get email at the moment. :-(

Now for the query... I see that DirecPC is now offering a USB-interfaced
satellite-return dish.  This is the kind that is bi-directional for
networking (not the kind where the split the return channel into a modem
for uplink).  Apparently it is accessed via some kind of USB interface, but
I can't find any hard details on the web site.  Net searches turn up very
little, except some comments about a Helius driver for Linux.  Does anyone
know how these things work, and whether there is support for the USB or PCI
variety under NetBSD?

* They are now adding mandatory firewalling of their clients, to protect us
from the evil Windows-only viruses I could care less about.  This courtesy
service clips out ports 25 and 80, at least, which ... hurts.

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