Subject: Re: OT: non-TCP reliable streaming protocols
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/20/2001 11:53:09
At 11:56 AM -0600 9/20/01, Chris Jones wrote:
>Would anybody be willing to point me at reliable streaming protocols
>that aren't TCP?  For work, I'm looking at building something with a
>lot of TCP's properties, but there's a desire to diverge from this a
>bit.  For example, we're talking about more complex reassembly, where
>you never ask for retransmissions of packets you've seen.

CFDP  CCSDS File Delivery Protocol

It's a file/message transfer protocol designed for space links.  And 
I mean links that aren't just to earth orbit where TCP almost works. 
Look at <> under reviews in process. 
If you are in the USA (so we don't have to fight ITAR restrictions on 
spacecraft data) then we have a prototype implementation we can 
probably give you.  It's been tested against two European and a 
Japanese implementation of the Red-4 version of the protocol and the 
Red-5 version is the result of those tests.  This should be very 
close to the final.

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