Subject: RFC 2507 IP Header Compression for NetBSD!
To: None <>
From: R.Mohan Raj <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/18/2001 02:57:46
Hi All,


I am looking for an info. on NetBSD implementation of
RFC 2507 - IP Header Compression. When I searched the
NetBSD site, I found the following mail in the
archive. But, no reply to this mail found.

Subject: PPP header compression for IP 
To: None < >
From: Connie <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/27/2000 18:37:58 

Does NetBSD support IP/UDP/RTP header compression over
PPP?  I understand it supports VJ, but would like to
know if it supports RFCs 2507/2508/2509.              

I would like to know whether NetBSD has implemented
RFC 2507, and if yes, in which release, and related
doc. info.

Your response is very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Best Regards,
R.Mohan Raj.                              

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