Subject: Re: RTM_ADD and overwriting arp entries
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/07/2001 21:15:09
>>	there's also a behavior change that affects the manipulation of cloned
>>	child.  if you have an environment to repeat the symptom, pls try it
>>	with the latest kernel.
>	i mean, the behavior change is already in the tree.

on a related note, but not involving arp, i've noticed something else
that i think is related.

when i'm at home, i pop in a ep0 card, ifconfig it up, add a default
route, and start doing work.  then i leave.  i pop out the card and
look at the now empty routing table (just out of habit -- i usually
look for still open connections before popping the card and still
present routes afterwards).

later, when i arrive at the cafe, i pop in a wi0 card, run dhclient,
and start doing work.  when it's time to leave, i pop out the card
(with the same associated visual checks of netstat output).

after popping out the wi0 (which had a dhcp assigned address and
default route), i still have a route through lo0 in my routing table.
at home i do not.  and, if i don't kill dhclient, when i get home and
add my other default route, dhclient will later delete it when it
finally notices that my wi0 is gone.

these are probably worthy of prs, and i've been sitting on them
pending a little work to see if i can fix the problem, but this seems
like a good place to bring it up.

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