Subject: Re: releasing IP
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/27/2001 19:36:06
>> In e.g. windoze you can release and renew IP adresses for an adapter.
>> How
>> can you do this on netbsd?(and what does it do? does it query the
>> DHCP-server in any way?)
>Hmm.. I was a little quick about sending this one away. I forgot to
>describe my actual problem. What is happening is that I have bougt
>myself an internet connection through cable modem, and the ISP assigns
>IP adresses dynamically. Therefore I have setup NetBSD to obtain IP as a
>DHCP-client. The problem is that I just get an "no DHCPOFFERS recieved"
>when dhcpclient starts. I have link with the modem, and the modem blinks
>on send and recieve with a frequency of a few seconds when I run
>dhclient. It goes like:
>send blinks, and recieve blink just a second after...then after a few
>second the samething happens again, until dhclient gives up and the
>error message shows.

two things come to mind.

(1) "reboot" your cable modem (this usually involves simply
power-cycling it).

(2) did it "work before" but no longer?  in which case you might need
to call your cable company and battle your way to a tech support level
that has end-user-platform independent knowledge of how it all works
(like roadrunner).

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