Subject: Re: PCI network driver -- receive pkts with 0xDEADBEEF
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/10/2001 16:52:56
>>>>> "Shashi" == Shashi Rao <> writes:
    Shashi> :   Do you have a routine to dump your xmit descriptor ring?

    Shashi> not really. i am unable to figure out what the best way to "print"
    Shashi> stuff from the kernel is. i use printf sometimes, but it's probably
    Shashi> not the best way. i dont know what the equivalent of the /proc
    Shashi> filesystem from linux is on netbsd...

  printf() or log() is the best way.
  serial console makes this useable if you set at another system with a nice
big scroll back buffer.

    Shashi> :   What chip are you targetting, out of curiosity.

    Shashi> it's our own fpga for our router. unfortunately, i dont know how
    Shashi> much more i am allowed to say about this. :(


    Shashi> also, i finally fixed the problem that i originally reported, of the
    Shashi> transmit logic picking up freed mbufs. it was exactly that -- my
    Shashi> code in the transmit-complete interrupt handler would mercilessly
    Shashi> free all txsoft structures in the txdirtyq without checking to see
    Shashi> if they had been indeed transmitted!

    Shashi> i fixed that and things work fine except for another problem which
    Shashi> i will describe in a following post.

  Good luck!

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