Subject: Re: PPPoA?
To: None <>
From: Nick Holmes <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/02/2001 15:16:29
I was on the original RJ45 trial - using a LRP floppy based kernel to do 
basic ip forwarding for my collection of sun/sgi machines from pre-history 
- plus my flatmates.... but that has now ended, and I figured that 
performing the same over a usb-based system should be reasonably 
straightforward - especially moving up to netbsd as my platform.

more information on the protocols involved, and how it all fits together 
would be very interesting, but I don't think that I am up to writing the 
driver code just yet!


At 03:07 PM 2/2/01 +0000, wrote:
>[ last post on tech-net from me on this, please lets do it privately
>after ]
>* [2001-02-02 14:19:47]
> > Where on earth did you offer?
>The offer was made to the Demon ADSL trialists (at the point where
>Demon ADSL trialists were >50% of the BT installed customer base) and
>to the `UK adsl' interest list from  If it would have
>better been made here then I apologise.