Subject: possible improvements of the BSD if_wi driver
To: None <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/31/2000 20:36:42
I'm using a Cabletron (or however the company is called at the moment)
RoamAbout IEEE802.11 card for a while and it works well with the
if_wi driver.

There seems to be a difference in statistics reporting: my card
reports two more counters than expected, causing the code from
the original FreeBSD driver to drop the ststistics alltogether.
For NetBSD, I've changed the code to read max(expected, suppied)
entries at this point; the data make still sense so I'd say
this is the right thing to do.
Now, after using the Cabletron configuration menu at the
access point's serial console, I've got an idea what the 2
additional counters might be good for: they are reported as
"WEP ICV errors" and "WEP excluded".
Can someone tell whether this is a Cabletron private addition
or a feature of newer firmware versions? Are new counters
always appended to the existing structure?

There are also asynchronous WI_INFO_LINK_STAT messages coming
in, consisting of a single word. This information seems
valuable, at least for me: I get notified when the link gets lost
or my card chooses another access point. With some experimentation
I came to the following interpretation:
link established: 1
access point changed: 3
link lost: 4
link reestablished: 5
access point reset: 2 (?)
Is there some more authorative information about this?

best regards