Subject: Re: inetd.conf defaults
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Jasper Wallace <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/30/2000 18:24:15
On 28 May 2000, Wolfgang Rupprecht wrote:

> (Bill Sommerfeld) writes:
> > but for now it's safer to just turn them off and let people decide
> > what's safe in their environments.
> This is good but doesn't give newbies much guidance in how to select a
> safe service.  Perhaps there should be a line in /etc/inetd.conf with
> the ssh commented out and a one-line pointer to where to install ssh
> from?
> # ssh is the only secure login and file-copy service in this example
> #  file.  Please grab it from http://xxxx... and install.
> # ssh		stream	tcp	nowait	root	/usr/pkg/sbin/sshd 	sshd -i
> Including a secure /etc/ssh.conf file would also be nice.
> Come to think of it, are there any freely redistributable versions of
> ssh?  It would really be nice if the stock netbsd came with
> *something* safe to log in with.

It's been in the OpenBSD tree for a while now, OpenBSD ships with it.

It works under NetBSD (i'm using it now), but was a bit of a pain to
compile. It's in pkgsrc now so it should be ok.

I'm surprised it isn't in netbsd already - is this cos of crypto-* issues?

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