Subject: Re: connection/channel oriented network protocol
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Johan Rydberg <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/18/2000 13:34:57
Michael Richardson wrote:
> >>>>> "Johan" == Johan Rydberg <> writes:
>     Johan> I will implementing a network protocol stack in NetBSD 1.4.2,
>     Johan> and want to have some points where I should start.
>     Johan> The network technology is channel (and connection) oriented.
>     Johan> To be able to send any data on the network, a channel has to
>     Johan> be created first.
>     Johan> When creating a channel alot of information has to be specified,
>     Johan> such as the bandwidth and destination host.  This data must be
>     Johan> supplied to the device driver.
>   It seems to me that you ought to create a new sockaddr* type to store
> all of this and that you should use them in the connect()/bind() calls.
>   If you need to change things mid-stream, then setsockopt() would be
> appropriate.

As it is now, I have created a new IF structure that holds all
that both the device driver and the protocol needs.
>   What is your specific media that you are targetting?

DTM (Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode). With words, you can say it's a
between ATM and SDH. For more info, see

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