Subject: Re: getnameinfo type incompatibility
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/18/2000 00:26:30
>>> > >Or maybe netdb.h should include <sys/socket.h> implicitly.
>>> > 	this is the easiest way, but is it okay to do this?
>>>It probably is, but see if X/Open allows "symbols from sys/socket.h to
>>>be visible when including netdb.h" :-)
>>	I need to include sys/types.h as well...  it looks to be too much mess.
>>	Alternatively, is this acceptable thing to do?
>>/* in both sys/socket.h and netdb.h */
>>typedef	unsigned int	socklen_t;
>	did some more research.  not sure which is the right way.
>bsdi4: sys/sockettytpes.h has socklen_t decl.  include sys/sockettypes.h
>	from sys/socket.h and netinet/in.h.  netdb.h includes netinet/in.h
>openbsd: sys/types.h has socklen_t decl.  netdb.h includes sys/types.h
>freebsd4/netbsd: sys/socket.h has socklen_t decl.  netdb.h has does not have
>	socklen_t decl.

	would like to put #ifndef above if noone objects.