To: None <>
From: Steffen Liebstueckel <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/08/2000 20:51:11
Hi Folks !
I've a DEC 5000/125 with a second network adapter in and Netbsd 1.4.2 on

So far Ive configured both adapters with Ifconfig but haven't set up
any routing yet.
I thougt that this is done with the ipfilter roules in ipf.conf so far.
I want to use this DEC as an Ipfilter Firewall but don't have experience

in doing that.
In all books or in the Firewall HOWTO there's nothing mentioned what to
do additional to the ipfilter roules to get the
Firewall running...   :-(((((

1) Have I to set up any routing or ipforwarding or proxy-arp ?
2) Where and how do I set up the routing ?

I've the following net structure:

Internet <->[le0:/ ip: / netmask: <IP
 of DEC 5000>   le1: / / netmask:   ]
 [ eth0: of PC with Linux / /  netmask: ]


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