Subject: Re: NetBSD/IPv6/QoS question
To: Karsten Haga <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/22/2000 01:16:23
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>> I am working for Telenor R&D (Norwegian PTT). Currently I am working on a
>> project called "Telemedicine over Internet2". I am looking into ways to
>> implement some kind of QoS end-to-end between the two hospitals connected
>> over ipv6 testnet. The testnet is using dual stack cisco routers for WAN
>> connection. 
>> Do NetBSD (IPv6) have support for QoS, or do you have any suggestion on how
>> to implement som kind of QoS for our multimedia application between the two
>> hosts?

	IPv6 reserves 20-bit field in IPv6 header for QoS use.  Actual
	QoS control needs special queueing of traffic, packet tagging, and
	some other things.  The queueing/tagging things are separately defined
	from IPv6 specification itself (IETF diffserv/intserv working groups),
	and are not included in NetBSD-current.

	You may want to look at ALTQ suite (alternate queueing framework)
	for {Net,Open,Free}BSD.
	ALTQ is now distributed in KAME IPv6 stack kit (NetBSD-current IPv6
	code is based on KAME kit), so you can enjoy tight integration of
	KAME IPv6 and ALTQ.