Subject: dns problems
To: None <>
From: Marc Tardif <intmktg@CAM.ORG>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/17/2000 13:40:31
It seems my DNS is hosed, these are my symptoms:
* when I try to telnet to my netbsd box, it stalls for a few minutes
before returning the login prompt
* mountd also stalls for a long time during startup
* from the netbsd box, I can't ping hostnames like "localhost" for example
which I can only reach using the IP ""
* from the netbsd box, I can ping domain names like "" though,
the problem seems to be just locally.

My network is composed of a freebsd box acting as a default gateway for my
network and my netbsd(sparc) box connected to it simply using a hub. On my
netbsd box, here are a few of my config files in /etc


hosts: localhost fbsd nbsd



Everything looks fine to me, but I really can't figure out what's the
problem and I'd appreciate if someone could point me in the right

Thanks in advance,