Subject: Re: ifconfig for wireless LAN
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/15/2000 09:49:00
> However, it is nice to be able to explicitly set the speed...  Although,
> I guess this really isn't practically useful, is it...

OK.  Anyway, it is useful to show the current communication rate for
infrastructure mode, though the bit rate in adhoc mode would be different
for each peer....

>  > 	no-bssid	Do not use bssid nor beacons at all.  It is just
>  > 			same as adhoc mode of WaveLAN (wi(4)).
>  > 			Only valid for the adhoc media type.
> I assume that no-bssid would be the default for adhoc always?  How is this
> different from any other adhoc mode, or is adhoc on the `wi' not interoperable
> with the adhoc mode on e.g. `ray'?  (ignoring the FH/DS issue...)

I guess that no-bssid is one of proprietary protocol extension(?) by Lucent
and is only supported by 'wi'.

> All of these could be handled with ifconfig, I think.  "created ESSID"
> could be "cessid".

How about extending mediaopt with arguments?
	e.g.	ifconfig awi0 mediaopt cessid='New ESS'

Yesterday, I found there is a vendor which includes NUL char in ESSID.
Though most of implementation cannot includes NUL, spec does not restrict
the character sets for ESSID.  We should allow also hexstring for ESSID.

>  > Any comments?
> Only the ones above :-)  I'd like to hear comments from Chris Hopps
> and Bill Sommerfeld on this issue, tho.