Subject: libpfkey
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/14/2000 10:57:20
> > Log Message:
> > have a copy of pfkey library source code, from src/lib/libipsec.
> > the ultimate goal is to hide pfkey_* from libipsec (there'll be tons of
> > change in the near future, so I shouldn't have make it visible in the first
> > place).
> > we need to have a copy since there's no good way to refer from crypto-intl
> > into basesrc.  once the crypto tree is totally integrated, we'll be
> > able to use ${.CURDIR}/../../foo/baa.
>Is this really necessary?  Does libpfkey actually have any crypto code in

	No, this is not related to export control issue.

>If it just interacts with the PF_KEY socket, I don't think it has
>to be outside of the base distribution... (kame guy who is working on pfkey/racoon) would like
	to make tons of changes to pfkey_* interface.  I thought it would
	be much easier to hide them from /usr/lib.

	To do this, I need to do
		.PATH: ${.CURDIR}/../../lib/...
	from inside crypto-intl to basesrc,  This seems to be impossible
	as people put crypto-intl in different places.  Once we integrate
	crypto-intl tree into so that "cvs co src" would
	get src/crypto-intl (or similar path name), I'll remove those
	extra copies.