Subject: Re: question: forcing IPV6 traffic down a IPV6/IPV4 tunnel
To: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/11/2000 05:38:24
>> If the interface specified is to a broadcast link, the kernel (or
>> something) should then listen for RAs on the net, and make one of
>> the routers discovered be the default.   If it is point to point,
>> then there is no problem.  If it is neither then someone is going to
>> need to be clever (probably specifying the link level address of the
>> default router).

	Robert, what you are stating is not really dependent to IPv6.
	Whenever you renumber, static route configuration will become invalid,
	regardless from IPv4 or IPv6.
	So, running a routing daemon is the right answer.

>Uh, no, it should not.
>(Listening to router advertizements, for end nodes, works fine with
> NetBSD.)
>When you are a _router_ (and you are, when you set up a tunnel!),
>you _dont_ listen to router advertizements.
>You listen to route renumberings, and to routing protocols. At least 
>thats what I understand... Itojun?

	I agree with it.

	If you are wondering about IPv6 ISP does: IIJ is exchanging route
	with customer (/48), with filtering for inbonud routes.