Subject: Re: question: forcing IPV6 traffic down a IPV6/IPV4 tunnel
To: Dave Tyson <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/10/2000 03:33:52
>I am trying to finish setting up a PC running NetBSD 1.4T
>(sources dated 22nd Feb) which will act as a IPV6 gateway router.
>gif0: flags=8011<UP,POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST> mtu 1280
>        inet6 gif0%fe80::200:1cff:fe50:2e -> :: prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x10
>What I need to achieve is to get IPV6 packets which are non-local routed
>down the tunnel. Because the far end of the tunnel is statically routed,
>the local route6d does not know where to send packets. What I need to do is 
>set an IPV6 default route, however my all attempts so far have failed.
>I can get the remote end to advertise routes down the tunnel, but I
>guess it should be possible to manage without this. 
>Any help appreciated.

	try (as root):
	# route add -inet6 default fe80:10::c46:b89

	BTW it looks your libc (or sbin/ifconifg) looks a bit dated.
	be sure to update those.