Subject: Re: ATM cabling
To: None <>
From: Hal Murray <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/07/2000 19:49:49
> SVC's would of course be impossible, but without an address, I'm not
> sure that anything is possible..  I've never tried, though (although,
> the ATM cards on my shelf are now begging to be cross-connected...)

It makes sense to be able to setup a PVC on both ends and exchange 
packets without a switch.  The same code should also work with PVCs 
that do go through a switch - assuming you can get the switches setup 
correctly.  That lets you talk to more than one other system. 

It might not work if the driver writer didn't think of that case.  

If it doesn't work, it shouldn't be hard to add or fix.  All you 
need is a table that translates IP address to VC# and some code to 
read a config file and load that table.  The table probably exists 
for SVCs.  It would probably need a flag or state bit to mark an 
entry as a (manual) PVC.
I haven't tried it on NetBSD but I do it on Tru64 all the time.