Subject: Re: raylink with access point?
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/07/2000 09:45:11
> I wondered about those names when I picked them.. I didn't have access
> to the 802.11 standard at the time.


> Based on your quote how about:
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_TO_MASK		0x01
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_TO_STATION	0x00
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_TO_AP		0x01
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_FROM_MASK		0x02
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_FROM_STATION	0x00
> #define	IEEE80211_FC1_FROM_AP		0x02

Though the spec defines these as one bit value, they are usually referred
as combined value.  So I'd prefer to treat two bit value as follows:

#define	IEEE80211_FC1_DIR_MASK			0x03
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_DIR_NODS			0x00	/* STA -> STA */
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_DIR_TODS			0x01	/* STA -> AP  */
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_DIR_FROMDS		0x02	/* AP  -> STA */
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_DIR_DSTODS		0x03	/* AP  -> AP  */

If there are no objections, I (or perhaps enami-san) will commit the
changes above with some additional definitions of management frame,
which are necessary for awi (PCnetMOBILE) driver.

> BTW it looks like I reversed the meaning of the bits somehow in the
> original definition.
> No I think its a bug.. the intention was to drop AP to AP and
> Station to AP frames.

It will be fixed with the modifications, while I (no one?) cannot
test it..