Subject: Re: dump - network related ?
To: Nate Johnston <>
From: Love <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/02/2000 16:55:49
Nate Johnston <> writes:

> > The crach occured when I wanted to suspend my laptop and it didn't
> > work. I removed the card but it still wouldn't suspend. Then when I
> > started to kill off network releated processes it died when i killed a
> > multi-cast application (but since it died in exec it might not be releated).
> I thought the APM was broken for the THinkpads?

If you don't disable the interrupts it work.

options         APM_DISABLE_INTERRUPTS=0 # Don't disable interrupts

It works like a charm with it. BUT ...

>I do know that when I was browsing through the source, there was a note in
>the file for the tlp driver that said power management was on the todo

... since power management doesn't work for my tlp card (Johan Danielsson's
patch for it doesn't work for me either) I have to pop the card out before
suspending the computer (to turn the power off on the slot)

It work quite well but every now and then it does some stange crach (I had
to remove old dumps because of disk-time shortage).

I'm using 1.4T that is about a week old. Have seen some starge error on my
ipv6 router (about the same winage) too (but right now it down for a
unknown reson so I can't check what it was, it was something like "rt_foo,
won't lower refount foo below 0" Sorry for the really bad bugreport :( ).