Subject: raylink with access point?
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/01/2000 15:29:03
Does anybody use webgear/raylink (ray) with access point?

I'm rewriting awi driver (another wireless card) and I found
the macro definition in net/if_ieee80211.h is not accurate.

from if_ieee80211.h:
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_RCVFROM_MASK		0x03
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_RCVFROM_TERMINAL		0x00
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_RCVFROM_AP		0x01
#define	IEEE80211_FC1_RCVFROM_AP2AP		0x02

802.11 spec defines these bits as follows:
  0x00	(ToDS=0, FromDS=0)	from station to station (adhoc mode)
  0x01  (ToDS=1, FromDS=0)	from station to access point
  0x02  (ToDS=0, FromDS=1)	from access point to station
  0x03  (ToDS=1, FromDS=1)	from access point to access point
					(wireless bridge)

Though I'd like to change the macro definitions to adopt spec,
I cannot understand the usage of this macro in ray driver.
It seems to that if_ray driver discards received packets with
value 0x02 (ToDS=0, FromDS=1 or currently defines as RCVFROM_AP2AP),
which indicates from access point.
Is it just a bug and no one can use ray driver with access point,
or is there any tricks I cannot found?