Subject: ppp dialin from win 95?
To: NetBSD-net <>
From: Dave <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/26/1999 22:29:07
Sorry if this seems a bit trivial for tech-net, but I posted 
the same question in netbsd-help and got no response.

I'm trying to set up a ppp dialin connection to my netbsd
from WhineDoze 95 so that a client can test a web site
I upload it to their ISP hosted server. I don't seem to have
quite right :(

I have the following entry for tty00 in /etc/ttys:

    tty00 "/usr/pkg/sbin/modemd usr-vi" unknown on  secure

and the following in the users(mcprop) ~/.login:

    /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/tty00 115200 and are listed in /etc/hosts and are
ifconfig aliased to localhost and ppp0 respectively.

The configuration works when testing on the

The win95 dialer is set up to accept server assigned ip and
nameserver addresses.

When the user dials in, the modem answers, but after some
negotiation hangs up again.

/var/log/messages has the following after an unsuccessful

    Apr 23 21:16:32 oak pppd[337]: pppd 2.3.5 started by
mcprop, uid 32769
    Apr 23 21:17:56 oak pppd[337]: Using interface ppp0
    Apr 23 21:17:56 oak pppd[337]: Connect: ppp0 <-->
    Apr 23 21:18:26 oak pppd[337]: LCP: timeout sending
    Apr 23 21:18:26 oak pppd[337]: Connection terminated.
    Apr 23 21:18:27 oak pppd[337]: Exit.

so the login is working ok and pppd is successfully
but I'm not sure why it's hanging up.

Should the line in ~/.login that starts pppd have 'passive'
as an option?

This is the first time I've tried a ppp dialin, so any help 
would be gratefully received!