Subject: Re: Adding a second nic.
To: Michael Buccheri <>
From: Bernd Ernesti <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/26/1999 19:06:00
On Mon Apr 26 17:06:54 1999, Michael Buccheri wrote:
> I am new to NetBSD and am trying to add a 2nd 
> nic to an i386 box running NetBSD-1.3.3. 
> Does anyone know of a FAQ or anything that can get 
> me pointed in the right direction. I have looked 
> on the NetBSD web site but have not found anything that
> has explained how to go about doing this. 
> Any info on the subject would be a great help.
> FYI 
> I am trying to add a 3c905b-tx PCI card to the box.  
> There is already a 3c905-tx PCI card working in the machine.

There is no driver for the 3x905_B_ in 1.3.3. You either have to
wait 2 weeks for 1.4 or get a 1.4_BETA snapshot.

You have to edit /etc/rc.conf after you installed the new release
and updated your /etc directory:

net_interfaces="ex0 ex1"
ifconfig_ex0="inet machine1.domain netmask"
ifconfig_ex1="inet machine2.domain netmask"

The new ex driver supports also the older version of the 3c905.

Btw, I think port-i386 or current-users is a better place to ask
about your problem.