Subject: [Chris Harding ] (IPng 7397) Incorporation of Basic API to IPv6 in XNS
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From: Perry E. Metzger <>
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Date: 04/20/1999 11:25:34
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It would be a good idea if our networking and standards gooorooos
would have a look at the RFC and similar stuff RSN -- getting
deficiencies in this now beats our bitching about it later.

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Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 21:20:45 +0100
From: Chris Harding <>
Subject: (IPng 7397) Incorporation of Basic API to IPv6 in XNS
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Hi -

At its recent meeting, the XNET working group drew up the following
timetable for its work on incorporating the Basic API to IPV6 described in
RFC 2553 into the Open Group Networking Services Specification, XNS. It is
intended that this will in turn become part of a new UNIX standard, which
will be endorsed by the IEEE and ISO as well as by The Open Group (This
joint TOG/IEEE/ISO activity is called the Austin Group, see ).

     Issues and proposals for resolution listed by April 30 
     Formal Change Requests (CRs) submitted by May 14 
     Voting on CRs: May 17 - May 28 
     Issue Resolution: May 31 - June 4 
     Teleconference if needed: June 3 
     Review draft available by June 18 
     Interim XNET meeting during Oslo IETF July 16 (or other date that week
to be agreed)
     Formal CRs submitted against new draft by July 30 
     Voting on CRs: August 2 - August 6 
     Issue Resolution: August 9 - August 13 
     Open Group Company Review: September 1 - September 30 
     Issue resolution at XNET meeting: October 19 - October 21 
     Sanity Check: November 1 - November 5 
     Formal Open Group approval for publication during November in time
     for the Austin Group meeting on December 6 

The current working draft of XNS is on the web in html and pdf forms at It includes all of the Basic API
except for the getaddrinfo(), freeaddrinfo(), getnameinfo() and
gai_strerror() functions. These functions are in an addendum which is at (they are expected to be merged
into the next draft of XNS but the addendum has been produced to enable
comments to be made on them in the mean time). You can request changes to
these drafts on-line, using the HTML versions (if your browser is
sufficiently modern) or by e-mail to

All interested parties are invited to join in this work. The mailgroup on
which comments will be discussed is If anyone on the
ipng list who is not currently a member of this mailgroup would like to be
added to it, please would they let me know. If any substantive changes to
the Basic API are decided on in the course of this work then the whole ipng
list will be asked to review them (they will probably be incorporated in an
update to RFC 2553 which will be posted as an Internet Draft in the normal



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