Subject: Re: bridges,switch
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/19/1999 19:26:55
(big left turn)

>> Oh, dear me. Terminology definitions required:
>> repeater - only does signal regeneration for distance, i.e. bit level copy.
>> No filtering capability at all (not even collisions), since it doesn't even
>> store&forward. All 10base-T hubs are repeaters. An Ethernet with repeaters
>> in it is still subject to the Ethernet maximum cable length limits.
>Except some repeaters for Ethernet do "store-and-forward" at the
>bit/byte level, performing signal retiming.  So, with 10Base5 cable and
>a couple repeaters, you can easily exceed the 500M limitation.

so...we've mentioned 10base-t, 10base-2, and 10base-5.  has anyone
ever seen/heard anything about something called 10broad-36?  i read
about it in the tanenbaum book recently and (so far) everyone just
looks at me blankly when i ask about it.

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