Subject: Re: -current pppd - no local route to local IP address
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/10/1999 11:39:52
	It would definitely seem the right thing to happen.
	Have cc-ed this reply to tech-net, which is probably a more
	appropriate forum for the question :)


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On Sun, 10 Jan 1999, Paul Goyette wrote:

> I've noticed something odd with the -current version of pppd:
> When I connect to my ISP, a route gets added to the ISP's end of the ppp
> link via interface ppp0.  But no route gets added to point to my local
> end of the link.  Therefore, pings to my own IP address end up following
> the default route out to my ISP, and they never come back.  (Or, if they
> _do_ come back, NetBSD simply forwards them back out the ppp0 link!)
> I've been able to work around the problem by manually adding a route to
> my end of the link:
> 	# route add <w.x.y.z>
> This mimics the behaviour of my Ethernet connection, which automatically
> seems to get a route for my local address pointing at lo0.
> But is this the correct behaviour?  Or should pppd be adding the local
> route automatically?