Subject: ip-masquerading.natd,ip-aliasing ....
To: None <>
From: andrea <>
List: tech-net
Date: 12/02/1998 11:01:14

I'm looking for a way to configure my  intranet using natd.
The problem is that the configuration that i need is a little unsual and i
wonder if is applicable.

The configuration is as follow:

On the Same LAN :

1 - Web Server (with routable Ip-address)
2 - Mail Server ( ""           ""         ""            )
3 - 1 router connected to the InterNet.
4 - Many other boxes with not Routeble ip addresses (192.168.. )

So i have 2 subnet on the same phisical net.

What i'm wondering is:

It's possible to share in the same phisical Lan( eg without gateway with 2+
Ether Card) between 2

I'have tried assigning 2 ip address at the same interface ,and  using this
machine as a gateway
on the same phisical net.

So the first half of the LAN have direct access to Internet, second half
have to use the gateway
with natd (or SOCK ,or other proxy solutions).

But it doesn't work :(

There's a way to implement the above,or i must change mind..?

P.S. Forgive me if what i'have written is sense-less,i'm a newbie:)
P.P.S (Sorry for English)