Subject: Re: ipnat in 19981016 Working !!!!!
To: Matthew ALDOUS <>
From: phil freeman <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/29/1998 08:35:20
i actually got it working after lots of annoying posts and many simple
answers ;) but hey this netbsd ipnat stuff is cool i was actually
playing with redirections last night... but anyway, i wouldn't be the
one to know much about this (yet)

phil freeman

Matthew ALDOUS wrote:
> phil freeman wrote:
> > i installed 19981016 last night and recompiled a current kernel,
> > including GATEWAY, and IPFORWARDING. now w, and ps work but ipnat
> > doesn't. 1 have read the examples on ipnat, unfourtunatly i still can't
> > seem to make it work.
> >
> > i have an alphastation 200, with two net cards (built in and 3com509)
> > both working on their respective networks.
>   Hiya,
>     Can you let me know how this goes? I have a 255, with three net
> cards (built in, and 2 fddi) - routing IP works, but Appletalk
> (via options NETATALK) fails to route. (I see the appletalk services
> start, and then broadcast all appletalk zones on every interface - instead
> of just one per interface.)
>     I may have things misconfigured, but I was interested to see that
> someone
> else with 2 net cards in an Alpha having problems.