Subject: Re: pseudo-shadowing of passwords with ypserv?
To: Chris Jones <>
From: David Holland <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/09/1998 13:35:42
 > DH> Kerberos is far from an ideal solution itself.
 > Yep, but it at least does one thing well: authentication.  It's not
 > easy to administer, it's not terribly easy for users to understand,
 > and it doesn't handle administrative information (GECOS info,
 > username, UID, etc.), but at least it manages authentication well.

For some values of "well". I don't really want to get into this
argument, though.

 > I've been thinking for a long time of designing something to take the
 > place of yp, which could be installed alongside kerberos, but it seems
 > a very daunting project.


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