Subject: Additions/conflicts for /etc/protocols and netinet/in.h
To: None <>
From: Heiko W.Rupp <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/14/1998 22:57:44

was just adding some lines at /etc/protocols and netinet/in.h 

Half of the stuff will never be needed by NetBSD, but I personally
like to have /etc/{services,protocols} populated to be able to quickly
look up values. So should we add all or only "interesting" stuff?

The other thing: we have conflicts between our names and the IANA



ip      0       IP              # internet protocol, pseudo protocol number
ipencap 4       IP-ENCAP        # IP encapsulated in IP (officially ``IP'')


     0     HOPOPT      IPv6 Hop-by-Hop Option            [RFC1883]
     4     IP          IP in IP (encapsulation)          [RFC2003]

(our idpr-cmtp has the wrong value, fixed)

 What sould we do wrt to those conflicts?

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