Subject: Re: Setting the default port on ethernet cards
To: Marc Horowitz <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/25/1997 16:41:46
[ I think Marc meant to CC this to tech-net, but I'm not sure... anyhow,
  I want my reply on tech-net, so... :-]

Marc Horowitz <> sez:

 > For instance, the NCR WaveLan wireless network required a "network id"
 > to be set, which distinguishes different virtual "segments" operating
 > on the same, uhh, ether.  Network id's are just 16 bit integers.  The
 > device driver implements a pair of ioctl's for getting and setting
 > them.  The bsdi code uses a "wlconfig" program, which is similar to
 > ifconfig, and uses a nwid keyword to manipulate the network id.
 > Should we add a "nwid" keyword to ifconfig?  This is the logical
 > extension of Jason's proposal.

...isn't the "network id" basically the MAC address?  Do these things
also have an "Ethernet address"?  Anyhow, I'd say that this is crying
out for some generic way in infconfig(8) to set the MAC address of
a given interface (as I recall, this was possible under SunOS).

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