Subject: Re: your recent ARP changes...
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Fred L. Templin <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/18/1997 18:01:29
> >I agree, and I would extend this to easing the pain of supporting 1.2,
> >current, *and* all the myriad 4.*BSD-derivative OS's out there which
> >still have the legacy framework.
> This is why C has macro's.  See either dev/pci/if_devar.h or 
> dev/ic/pdqvar.h for one approach to this.

You don't understand. I'm not in the least concerned about my ability
to port my way out of my particular situation. What concerns me is the
implication for other applications and kernel modules which have been
compile-time compatible across all 4.*BSD derivatives since the beginning
of time. I don't think it's possible to know which code might be affected
up front - but I'm willing to bet that more and more of it will begin to
emerge if backwards-compatibility isn't addressed.  
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