Subject: Re: XFree86
To: Nick Loman <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/14/1996 09:58:59
>I'm contemplating installing XFree86 on my server (now a P133 with
>32mb of memory), and was wondering what sort of overhead hit I would
>notice. Most importantly, will the mail/web servers slow down
>a lot/a little or not at all. I'm hoping it's just going to suck
>8mb of RAM or something and I'll not notice any other differences,
>but any experiences with XFree86 (3.1.1) would be useful.

My experience is that you will only take a memory hit, if you're just
running xterms and such.  Of course it's going to suck up CPU if
you're running 3D rendering applications and such. :-)

Otherwise, I wouldn't expect it to suck up much CPU at all.  Of
course, I say this having never actually tried running X on a "server
only" machine.

The 16-bpp server (3.1.2F S3) I'm running usually floats around 4-6MB
of resident RAM.  It grows to about 7MB if I run netscape on ESPN
SportsZone (lots of color pix).  Xterms with nice big scrollback
buffers can take another 1-2MB each, if they don't get paged out.  My
window manager (tvtwm) takes about 1.5MB.  These figures are with *no*
paging on my system.  So if you started pushing stuff out to swap,
some of this memory will probably stay there.

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