Subject: serial console ?
To: <>
From: suxm <>
List: tech-misc
Date: 05/21/2001 11:56:24
Hello, everyone.

Would some one like to tell me how to config the serial console=
I want to login in by the serial line and gain a shell to config=
 the system.

Thank you.
Best regards

sincerely yours


        =A1=EE _______   =A1=A4     =A1=EE     
     =C9=A1   =A5=CE____=A5=CE=A1=F5     =A1=F1    =C9=A1  
    =C9=A1=C9=A1  =A3=FC    =A3=FC=A3=FC          =C9=A1=C9=A1 
   =C9=A1=C9=A1=C9=A1 =A1=A5=A1=A5=A1=A5=A1=A5=A1=A5-_   =A1=E2  =C9=A1=C9=A1=C9=A1
     =A1=AC               =A1=A5-=A4=D8    =A1=AC