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Re: VOP_STRATEGY for devices and pipes

On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 02:55:10AM +0000, David Holland wrote:
> So I think what I would like to do is, for now at least (the device
> plumbing changes I posted about a couple months back would eventually
> change the situation) just prohibit extended attributes on device
> nodes entirely.
> (I would not be opposed to also prohibiting them on fifos and
> reverting this change for the time being, if only because it means I
> wouldn't have to redo the patches I was hoping to commit this week...)
> Thoughts? Also, am I missing something?
> -- 
> David A. Holland

setting an extattr on a device node in UFS is already disallowed.
ffs_setextattr() has this check:

        if (ap->a_vp->v_type == VCHR || ap->a_vp->v_type == VBLK)
                return (EOPNOTSUPP);

I have not checked other file systems to see if they have an equivalent check.

I think we should continue to support extattrs on fifos for two reasons:
 - extattrs are used to implement ACLs, and it is useful to be able to set an ACL on a fifo.
 - it is good to remain more compatible with FreeBSD in this area.


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