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re: kern.maxlockf for byte range lock limit

> @@ -146,8 +146,10 @@
>  {
>  	extern int kern_logsigexit;	/* defined in kern/kern_sig.c */
>  	extern fixpt_t ccpu;		/* defined in kern/kern_synch.c */
>  	extern int dumponpanic;		/* defined in kern/subr_prf.c */
> +	extern int maxlocksperuid;	/* defined in kern/vfs_lockf.c */
> +

this part is gross, please don't add more of this.

all of those variabes should be put in a header file so
that the declarations can't be different.  at the very
least, do that for your new one, even if you don't want
to fix the other 3 as well.

..or simply move the sysctl creation into the file that
owns that variable and you could avoid hard coding a
version number for it (not something we prefer since
the introduction of dynamic sysctl long ago.)


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