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Re: ZFS L2ARC on NetBSD-9

    Date:        Sun, 18 Apr 2021 18:58:56 +0000
    From:        Andrew Parker <>
    Message-ID:  <2245776.bZt9KSGgi3@t470s.local>

  | Does anyone else have a working L2ARC?

Sorry, don't even know what that is, and don't (currently anyway) use zfs,

  | -               interval = hz * l2arc_feed_secs;
  | +               interval = mstohz(l2arc_feed_secs);

Are you sure about that part of the change (the earlier fragment looked
reasonable) ?

mstohz() when starting with seconds (which the name of that var suggests)
looks like it would be much smaller than intended, whereas simply multiplying
seconds by hz gives ticks, which looks to be the objective in all of that.
Alternatively multiply secs by 1000 to generate ms, and mstohz() that.

Watch out for potential overflow in all of this though.


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