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Re: I think I've found why Xen domUs can't mount some file-backed disk images! (vnd(4) hides labels!) ("Greg A. Woods") writes:

>I'm thinking (esp. given what I see from "od -c < /dev/rvnd0d") that
>what's wrong is the vnd(4) driver is (also?) imposing some
>mis-interpreted idea about the number of cylinders and heads or
>something like that, especially given that "fdisk vnd0" is so totally
>confused about what's in there.

vnd produces a fake geometry based on 1MB cylinders or 512 byte cylinders
if the image is smaller than 1MB. It doesn't handle "partial" cylinders
if the image isn't a multiple of the cylinder size.

But that doesn't confuse fdisk.

You can also specify the exact geometry you want to use.

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