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Re: 9.1: no wsmouse events...sometimes.

> If I had to wager a guess as to what's going on, I'd say that when
> you start the system, the wsmouse0 gets attached to wsmux2 when the
> system comes up, but by the time you unplug the mouse and plug it in
> again, your application has the /dev/wsmouse0 device open, [...]

The application opens /dev/wsmux2, not /dev/wsmouse0.  X might open
/dev/wsmouse0, but if that's what's behind this I don't understand why
there's a difference between a run on the full-fledged development
system and the production system.  (Also, lsof on the X server on the
dev system indicates no fds on wsmouse; lsof | fgrep ws shows only
wsmux0.  But that's a working version and hence inconclusive.)

> If my second scenario is correct, then I'd say there's a bug in the
> system since I think in that case, the mouse is getting attached to
> wsmux0 despite your kernel config entry, at least, on boot up.

Well, it _said_ it attached to wsmux2.  The boot-time autoconf says

[   5.9427172] wsmouse0 at ums0 mux 2

same as the later (after replugging) autoconf lines.

But thanks for the suggestion; that certainly could be a worthwhile
area to investigate.

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