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Re: timeouts connecting to pgsql database

Derrick Lobo <> wrote:
>Robert Swindells <> wrote
>>Derrick Lobo <> wrote:
>>>Not sure if anyone else has experienced the below, postgres configs can be
>>>shared if needed, we have a few database servers running on 7.12 and 9
>>>We recently noticed some problems with timeouts on some postgres database
>>>servers. The machines don't appear to be heavily loaded, although they are
>>>being used steadily. What we're seeing is that the machine is working fine.
>>>No swapping, load average is below 1, and then it doesn't accept database
>>>connections for about 10-20 seconds, and any queries on active connections
>>>fail to return for that same time period. I tried running these commands in a
>>>screen to get a better sense of the system state when the problem occurs: 
>>What filesystem options are you using for wherever the database files
>>are located ? Are you using wapbl(4) ?
>Rw,log,noatime are the options used

Thought it might be.

I would not run a database on a filesystem with 'log' enabled, I think
you will find that the delay is when it is flushing the log to disk.

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