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Re: fsync_range and O_RDONLY

David Holland <> writes:

> Well, if you have it open for write and I have it open for read, and I
> fsync it, it'll sync your changes.

I guess maybe POSIX is wrong then :-)

But as a random user I can type sync to the shell.

> And report any errors to me, so if you're a database and I'm feeling
> nasty I can maybe mess with you that way. So I'm not sure it's a great
> idea.
> Right now fsync error reporting is a trainwreck though.

I think that's the real problem; if I open for write and fsync, then I
should get status back that lets me know about my writes, regardless of
who else asked for sync.   Once that's fixed, then the 'others asking
for sync' is much less of a big deal.

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