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Re: X vs serial console?

On Tue, 9 Feb 2021 at 17:59, Mouse <> wrote:
> I don't know whether this is kernel or X11.  There are things pointing
> each way.
> At work, I've got 9.1 on an amd64 machine.  When I boot it normally -
> console on screen/keyboard - X works fine.
> But I'm having an issue.  The machine is rebooting on me, sometimes,
> and I don't know whether it's some kind of quasi-spontaneous hard-reset
> or whether it's a panic.  But, with X on the console, I can't tell
> whether there's a panic or not.
> So, I booted it with serial console.  But now, X doesn't seem to work.
> There are a number of curious things involved.

I think NetBSD would really benefit from a way to reparent the console
device at runtime (I appreciate this comment does not directly help in
any way at this point :)

AFAIK X requires a wsdisplay to run on - which you don't seem to get
with a serial console. I wonder if it might be possible to run it on

Those dmesg outputs are _so_ different, that something seems very much
off - can you get dmesg.boot from both cases?


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