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Re: X vs serial console?

> Could it be the case that the X server expects some aspects of the video har$

That's certainly plausible.  Is there any way I can test for it?  Some
way to, for example, have the kernel do whatever it would do for video
console but still keep console I/O going to com2?  (I would expect that
to be automatic with wsdisplay instances configured, but perhaps that
expectation is unrealistic.)

As for outputs being shared, I'm not sure how true that is in any
useful sense.  RandR says there are six outputs (seven if you count
VIRTUAL1, which I've been ignoring); there are three physical output,
and, based on RandR connected status indications, each physical output
corresponds to one DPx/HDMIx pair.  (I don't know what DP stands for;
my guess would be DisplayPort, but the hardware has no DisplayPort
connectors, just HDMI and DE15 ("VGA").  Perhaps the DE15 is a
DisplayPort output with adapter hardware in front of it?)  And, based
on the connected status bits, the hardware knows it's the DE15 that's
connected, same as in the video-console case - though it does seem to
be a bit broken in that it doesn't seem to notice disconnection.

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