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Re: NVMM missing opcode REPE CMPS implementation

Apologies if this isn’t the proper place to bring this up, but the discussion on this brings two questions to mind:

1) Since the proposed patch isn’t correct and was reverted, and assuming there is a problem with this opcode, is there another correct fix coming?

2) Is there some code that one can insert locally into NVMM and/or LIBNVMM to help catch other possible problems similar to this?

While NVMM is very robust and runs a lot of other systems, there are some that it still stumbles over.  I’m sure the vast majority of users don’t care about running something like OS X under NVMM for various reasons, it does seem to be a real good test of emulation capabilities.  Various versions can be installed from standard, non-hacked distributions and run successfully without hacks or modifications under KVM on Linux (macOS-Simple-KVM comes to mind), but not under NVMM.  Maybe the reason is that there are similar missing opcodes being used that aren’t currently handled by NVMM?

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