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Re: NVMM missing opcode REPE CMPS implementation

Le 29/10/2020 à 21:54, Reinoud Zandijk a écrit :
Dear folks,

i stumbled on an instruction that NVMM couldn't code and thus couldn't
emulate either. It was as stated the REPE CMPS (0xF3A7) instruction as stated
in and confirmed by
disassembly by ndisasm (from nasm).

Appended is the implementation of imentioned instruction together with its
byte sized sibling 0xF3A6. When installing the modified libnvmm, qemu behaves
like NVMM is not used. I think the implementation does the right thing but
feel free to double check!

Tested and found by NetBSD/amd64 9.99.74 (19 oct) on an Intel Celeron 2957U by
	qemu-system-x86_64 -accel nvmm -nographic -netdev \
		user,id=n0,tftp=/usr/mdec,bootfile=pxeboot_ia32.bin -device \
		e1000,netdev=n0 -boot n

With regards,

This is incorrect and you should revert. x86_emul_cmp deals with single memory
operands, not double. And rdi+rsi must be incremented/decremented depending on
PSL_D. Also you added printfs in the library, wtf?

As a general rule each instruction that libnvmm can emulate should have unit
tests in t_mem_assist -- in fact here a single test case would have shown that
the code is obviously wrong.


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