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Re: make COMPAT_LINUX match SYSV binaries writes:

> As a background, some Linux binaries don't claim to be targeting the
> Linux OS, but instead are "SYSV".
> We have used some heuristics to still identify those binaries as being
> Linux binaries, like looking into the symbols defined by the binary.
> it looks like we no longer have other forms of compat expected to use
> SYSV ELF binaries. Perhaps we should drop this elaborate detection logic
> in favour of detecting SYSV == Linux?

In general adapting to every confused practice out there leads us to a
bad place.  This just feels like a step along that path.

I could see having a sysctl/etc. to enable this behavior, but it seems
really irregular.   Is there a way to have a tool to retag binaries
that are tagged incorrectly?   It seems SYSV emulation should not allow
non-SYSV system calls.

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