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Re: [PATCH 0/2] Delete CIRCLEQ

This removal is a part of a larger synchronization with other BSDs as
we lack various features in sys/queue.h (like LIST_PREV()).

CIRCLEQ was already deleted from the documentation and disabled in the
kernel in NetBSD-7. If there are still any unaware users, they are
certainly long broken.

What's the benefit of keeping it around and having no users and
documented deprecation plus being prone to miscompilation? The removal
does not break libc or kernel ABIs. Most 3rd party users of these
macros deliver a homegrown copy of sys/queue.h anyway.

Kamil Rytarowski
CTO, Moritz Systems

pon., 12 paź 2020 o 13:15 Mouse <> napisał(a):
> >>> Remove the CIRCLEQ API completely from the system headers and
> >>> document this fact in the QUEUE(3) man-page.
> >> why?  queue.h may be used by more than src.
> >> i don't see any benefit except forcing working code to be changed,
> >> possibly introducing bugs.
> >> please leave it alone.
> > It's been deprecated since -7, we can remove it for -10.
> So?  I still agree with mrg: I too see no benefit to removing it (or
> for that matter to deprecating it).  What am I missing?  What benefit
> do you see?
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