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Re: config_mounroot - spinout while attaching nouveaufb0 on amd64 with LOCKDEBUG

Le lun. 17 févr. 2020 à 17:55, matthew green <> a écrit :
> FWIW, i've been running my radeon with a patch that exlicitly drops
> kernel lock around the "real attach" function (the one that config
> mountroot ends up calling.)
> we really need to MPSAFE-ify the autoconf subsystem.  right now, it
> is expected that autoconf runs with kernel lock... i am not sure of
> the path we should take for this -- but let's actually have a design
> in place we are happy with, while my change below works, it's ugly
> and wrong.

Would it make sense to simply require all callers of
config_mountroot() to have MPSAFE config routines and call the
callbacks for them without kernel lock?

There are just few of those, and they can simply be changed to do the
KERNEL_LOCK()/UNLOCK themselves.


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